Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Exercise Issue

When I exercise, usually, it is unplanned. Or maybe it is a planned event, I just don't think of it as exercise at the time. For instance, yesterday, my lawn had to be mowed. Did I want to do it? Not really. Did I have to do it? Yes, my lawn was really starting to take on the appearance of white trash meets jungle safari adventure. I couldn't leave it, as much as I wanted to. My husband, of course, is not here to do the heavy lifting so it fell squarely on my shoulders. I did it. By calculations I found on the internet, apparently I burned over 1000 calories by mowing the lawn for 2 hours. 1000 calories! Hellz yes!

Other times when I am amicable to exercise is when I am doing touristy things. I don't mind walking from here to there in a new town (or even in a town I know). I like taking in the sights to be seen and experiencing the place I am exploring on foot, in fact, I prefer it. Usually I am pushing a stroller as well. Calories are burned. It is actually fun.

My problem is actually GOING to a gym. I just have never really liked the gym experience. Crazy machines that you have to push, pull, walk on, climb on, yeah it just doesn't get my motor running. It might accelerate my heart rate, but it certainly doesn't interest me. Of course, the last time I hit a gym was about 3 years ago when I lived in Missouri. I have never even seen the inside of the two gyms I have access to here in the UK. Also, the last time I went to the gym I didn't even own an iPod. I am sure it would be more enjoyable if I was jamming out to some tunes I actually liked.

I also have a problem with the thought of other people's sweat being on the machines I am using. It just gags me out. The showers/locker rooms at gyms; they make my skin crawl. I probably should just keep sanitizing wipes with me. Of course I would look like a freak meticulously cleaning each machine before I attempted to use it, but eh, if it gets me to exercise it just may be my only option.

What strategies do you have for motivating yourself to go to the gym? Are you as skeeved out about them as I am?


  1. Walking is perfect for me.

    I must admit hubby is really big into exercise having been a former athlete who swam for GB so we have a few weights and a rowing machine and lots of bikes (apparently a different bike is needed for different events...hmmm...) and I do like to do some of these things some times. I love a great bike ride on a calm sunny afternoon--we have perfect roads for it. Or I love it when I really get into rowing I find after 20-40 minutes on the machine I get off and feel full of writing inspiration (its weird).

    But the best thing is walking. I try to walk lots--both for the exercise and fresh air. When I was trying to lose weight for my wedding I walked 30 minutes 5 days a week. That combined with cutting out snacks and cutting my meal portions in half helped me lose the amount I wanted to. It took three months of dedication, but it worked.

    You have to walk fast, not meander, of course. But its just so easy. No fancy anything needed. And its free!

  2. Fat or not, my initial impression from your avatar is that you're pretty :)

    As for motivation, I've found that I have to approach exercise not as "a chore that needs to be done", but as a secondary task to be slipped (sneaky-like) into my routine. For example, I've recently gotten myself into the habit of buying fewer groceries, and walking into town to stock up every 2 or three days. Gardening isn't overly strenuous, but sometimes just being active can make you more receptive to being active.

    Try to find things you like doing (or need to do) and add exercise to them. "Fooling myself" into doing stuff I don't want to do is the trick I most often use.

    Good luck to you either way...

  3. I am a walker. I walk my three dogs separately, around the block twice.

    I totally just confused myself there. Ok. Each dog (and me) go around the block twice.

    I am not a gym person. Can't do it. So no gym motivation from me. :)

  4. I get a very obsessive about exercise when I start on a weight-loss kick. I'm an all-or-nothing type person, so it's either I go to the gym and bust my ass for 2 hours, or, stay home and eat 20000 calories worth of chocolate biscuits.

    I feel worse after a sugar binge than I've ever done after overdoing alcohol.