Friday, April 23, 2010

You Might Know Me As...

Hiya, yes, you know me. I am not just a familiar face. I actually am, Kat. I normally blog over here at 3 Bedroom Bungalow. I am not hiding over here. In fact, I am trying to shame myself skinny. I just don't think all the readers at the Bungalow want to read about my weight loss journey. OK, I almost gagged as I wrote that. Way to sappy for my taste. It is not a weight loss journey as much as "DAMMIT I DON'T WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE" or "I AM GOING TO SHAME MYSELF SKINNY".

Now, I don't just want to be skinny. I want to be healthy. My friend just had a heart attack the other day. He is 41. 41 for goodness sake!! I know I am only 29, but it is still scary. Thankfully, this means that I have time to get my fat ass moving in the right direction. That direction being towards a gym and away from the donuts. Of course I will be doing it as I cuss about how much I hate to exercise, how my clothes are ill fitting, and at the fact someone has not properly not wiped off the rowing machine after they have used it. Asshole.

So, please encourage me. By encouraging me of course I mean an encouraging comment followed by "Get off your backside, you silly moo!" Feel free to act like a drill sergeant. I need it.

Goals Weight- 150 lbs.
Starting Weight- 215 lbs (yes, I said I was a fat moo)


  1. *cough* 30 Day Shred *cough*


    *resumes scoffing of bag of chips*

  2. Kat, you are going about this very smartly by thinking about your health first. It is and should be about more than just looking good. Thinking about being healthy first will hopefully keep you away from all the crazy diets that are meant just for fast weight loss but are total crap for your body.

    I've lost twenty five pounds over the last three year. Yeah, that's not a lot but I kept if off because I did it by making little changes that added up over time. I changed to healthier snacks, stopped eating out so much, no soda (but i never was a big soda drinker anyway.)

    I've hit a plateau so now I'm trying to cut out all white products and eat sandwiches without bread, that sort of thing. It's not easy at all. My biggest problem is moving. I walk almost every day but now my body is too used to it. And I can't get off my ass and this computer long enough to do much more.

    You really can do this Kat. Just cut yourself some slack and remember that it will come off slowly and that is normal. Chances are if it comes off slowly you'll keep it off.

  3. Very funny because i today for the first time in months made myself a healthy breakfast and it was my first step in the right directions. We can do this together!

  4. You know whenever I want to kick start some toning or weight loss I always go back to Denise Austin's work. Particularly her Personal Trainer DVD and any of her books. The Get Fit Daily Dozen works too and I find that she's not as intimidating and what she says really makes sense. Good luck!

  5. Possibly totally inappropriate, but I came over here thinking "what's Kat banging on about? I've seen her picture, she doesn't need to lose weight"... So ok, clearly, you're somewhat over the ideal, but I just wanted to say that your picture is still fab. And, having read your other posts, I'm in absolutely no doubt that you really *can* do this!

  6. You are so NOT a silly moo! You're strong and smart -- and you are doing something great for yourself!! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  7. Well done Kat for getting your new blog together. Good luck with the weight loss, it is shit at the time but so worth it in the end. Mich x