Friday, May 14, 2010

My Toddler Causes More Pain Than Tae-Bo

Dear Billy Blanks,

I love you and your videos, but I have to say your workout is lightweight compared to my Toddler-Led Family Workout.

I did your video last Saturday night. (Shamefully though, I did not actually exercise again until this morning-Friday.) As I wrote in my previous post, it did not hurt me at all even though I was sweating like a pig after I had finished.

A few days later I made the video below with my family and since then I have not been able to move. My almost 4 year old kicked my butt. Sadly you did not. You really must try harder.

Not only that but aside from the workout, that video won me first place today (and a Reebok outfit and Reebok easy toning sneakers) in the May Just Vlog It competition on Cafe Bebe. I can't wait to firm my legs and butt just from walking.

So Billy, just remember, you have a toddler to compete with. Think you need to work harder and making me hurt.

Yours now painfully,

1 comment:

  1. Ha! A nice hot hot hot bath sounds in order here!
    Sorry you hurt!
    Be well