Monday, May 10, 2010

Musings From a Neglected Body

This post has been written by Susie from over at New Day New Lesson. She is going to blog over here once a week about her weight loss adventures. Please give her a warm welcome.

I finally got my bum in gear and on Saturday night, pulled out my hidden and neglected workout clothing along with my Tae Boe Video. Yes, video, not DVD. That's how long I have had it. (BTW, thanks Kat for reminding me how much I loved those wo

Amazingly enough I got through over 20 minutes of it and I did not die. I came close, but somehow I am still alive and breathing. I even managed to go for a walk with my hubby right after I finished the video. My legs did feel a bit like jello towards the end, but that may have just been the extra fat jiggling on my thighs. They are not used to moving so much in recent years.

And the next morning I reflected on my first real bout with exercise in eons.

My thoughts:

*It was sad how the mighty have fallen. I used to exercise intensely 7 days a week. I was fit, in shape and strong. I even taught a spinning class. Now? I am an overweight lump of mush.

*On the bright side my body was quite pleased with me after exercise. It didn't even ache too much, amazingly it felt pretty good. Seems like my exercise problem is not with my body. It is with my brain. My brain is sending me messages and causing me to be lazy. To lazy to get into exercise clothing. To lazy to think about showering and getting dressed again after exercise. My body is happy to step up on exercise.

*My body seemed to remember all the exercising and the good shape I used be in. Maybe it won't be so hard to get back into an exercise routine.

*And the most important point. A sports bra that is good for walking does not make the cut for any type of bouncing aerobic exercise. Unless you like your boobs boinging all over the place. I find it painful. (Note to self: Buy some new workout clothing.)

And now two days later. I have fallen again. I really had good intentions today. I got into my workout clothing. I was planning on doing either the video again or walk on my treadmill.

And then I was sidetracked. Some laundry to do, some straightening up, email to check, blogs to write..... Anything except getting the exercise done.

And now I have no time. I need to go visit my grandma because it's her birthday. I need to go now because I have to make it to her and then back to work for an evening shift.

Maybe I should just get a pedometer and see how much I walk during my shift in the ER. Doesn't that count?


  1. Susie...good luck on your new journey. I hear ya on the exercise thing. It is difficult to get the old mind wrapped around a new routine. I have been battling as well. May we have a better week!!! Good luck

  2. I feel you. Two years ago I was in super shape. My size 6's were loose on me. I was toned and tight. Then we moved twice and I fell off the wagon. Boo! Why is it so easy to get flabby, yet so hard to get fit?
    I recently started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Holy Moly. She's an evil little power house. The workouts are only 20 minutes (sounds easy right?) but when it's over I look like I've just come out of a double spin class. I was doing great and then had to get a shot in my foot and fell off again. Drat. I'm back on it today though and aching like mad. Seriously, Jillian is nuts. You should try it. :)